5 star chef in backyard food stall

See the tall hat fella in singlet? I love this place. It is located in the middle of a busy market and rows of old, old sundry shops. The ambience add authencity to the Penang feel.

The place, Teik Seng is managed by a few brothers and their food is great. If you can stand the heat, that is. All the dishes are plain and simple. Service is quick and price reasonable. My favourite there is the siew bak (roasted pork) stir fried in dark soya sauce. Another dish that I always order is the loh han chai, a vegetarian dish with red fermented bean curd.

I meant to take photos of the food we ordered yesterday like the curry sting ray (with the tsunami, all the better fishes price increased, so have to settle for stingray), 3 emperor eggs which is steamed egg with salted duck eggs and century eggs, lotus (again!) root soup, the siew bak and something else I can’t remember now. But I did not because I was too hungry. Maybe next time.

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