A pig’s feet a day, keeps the wrinkles away

No, this is not an April’s Fool joke.

The latest anti-ageing food? Pigs’ trotters. That’s right, you heard it here first. In New York, the most talked-about new opening of the past couple of months has been a Japanese restaurant called Hakata Tonton, where 33 out of the 39 dishes contain pigs’ feet.

The reason for this, according to its owner, Himi Okajima, is that they are rich in collagen, the protein responsible for skin and muscle tone, more recognisable to beauty addicts in the form of face creams and fillers.

“Collagen helps your body retain moisture,” says Okajima,

Now that explains why I have less wrinkles than most women. I adore pig’s trotter. I ate several during confinement, i.e. the post-natal period. The pig’s trotter with black vinegar is not only tasty, it gives me lots of breastmilk. Like my mom who advocated it to me, “It will make your breastmilk flows like tap.”

“Have you ever noticed how women age more rapidly than men?

That’s because they don’t eat enough protein. The days you don’t eat protein are the days you age. The body can’t store protein, but it needs it for cellular production and function.

(source : http://www.telegraph.co.uk/health/main.jhtml?xml=/health/2008/03/03/hage103.xml&DCMP=ILC-traffdrv07053100)

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    (April 1, 2008 - 2:27 am)

    Wow! Is it for real? =) Perhaps next time when my wife deliver I will prepare this for her.

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