A western lamb shank with Indian bread

Do you know what is almost as good French bread but it is made in Malaysia? Roti benggali. I do not know why they call it Roti Benggali but it is always sold by the Indian man who comes around residential areas to sell bread.

lamb shank

Over the weekend, I made this easy stew with beer, lamb shank and vegetables. You can find my complete recipe from this lamb shank recipe post.

After the stew was cooked, we dipped the crispy on the outside, soft on the inside roti benggali. It was our Sunday lunch and I must say it is one of the most delicious lamb shank I have ever tasted. In fact, most restaurants couldn’t quite serve the same taste as mine. Usually, theirs are too flavourful. With lamb shanks, we do not need too many herbs and ingredients because the meat itself and the bone juices are tasty enough.

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