Aiskrim potong (traditional icecream)


Long time ago, not everyone had electricity. Only certain homes had refrigerator. Therefore, getting to eat icecream was a luxury. Icecream or ice lollies were homemade with various flavours like red beans, sour plum, rose syrup, coffee, chocolates, orange and other basic flavours.

I remembered buying aiskrim Malaysia for 10 cents per stick. Nowadays, one can hardly find such icecream anymore. These icecream are filled in a longish plastic bag.

They were made with some flavoured syrup and milk or coconut milk. It’s texture wasn’t the same as the commercially produced icecreams which are creamy. The homemade ones taste ‘different’.

The above is a box of aiskrim potong or traditional icecream I bought recently. It comes in so many flavours like durians, jackfruit, passionfruit, orange, red beans and some other tastes I couldn’t distinct.

There is something that I dislike about aiskrim potong – the starchy texture when it melts. It doesn’t melt but become a glob of mush. Ewwws… I wonder why.

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