Almond dessert

I am not sure why Chinese almonds and the normal almonds we eat are totally different. The regular almonds are nutty and good while the Chinese almonds smell like cockroach!

Oh well, at least that’s how I think it smells. However, it is extremely nice to slurp a hot bowl of sweet almond soup with cruelers or yau char koay. Not everyone has the ability to do that though. My dear hubby loves it. And he somehow influenced me. One of my son too like it. But the other sons will run helter skelter and scream murder if they should smell it.


To find the best sweet almond dessert, go to either New Lane or Kimberly Street. These are the only two places worth trying. The one we make at home just don’t quite have the same taste.

Posted by lilian on May 17th, 2007 under Dessert

3 Responses to “Almond dessert”

  1. terence Says:

    Wah lau eh! I smell this, I run 100m under 9secs.

    Only my grandma drinks this in the entire clan.Blek!

  2. leishia Says:

    lol i totally hate the smell too, no where on earth i can ever imagine it getting past my tongue to my tummy!

    ps/ nice blog! keep it up!

  3. kinta116 Says:

    I like the almond paste, the taste, the smell. In 红楼梦,the hard to please grand mother-in-law, was very pleased when her grand daughter-in-law offered this almond as a dessert for her !!! I think it is in chapter 54. Her remarks is not so sweet (like the red-dates paste), not so oily (like the duckling congee), just fit!!!

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