Apom Type 1

We have several types of apom, apam, apong, pancake in Penang.

I shall introduce the ban chean kueh today. It is made of flour and eggs, leave to cook in small, individual pans, added with lots of margerine, sugar and peanuts. The centre will soft, sweet whilst the corner is crispy. To get good ban chean kueh, the maker must be very generous with the margerine and sugar. Over here in Penang, both the Chinese and Malays sell these Type 1 of apom. One stall I used to love (not sure they are still there) is the one located outside the Penang Main PostOffice. My ex-colleagues used to buy these with added eggs (knock an egg into the middle). Yum…

Currently, there is a trend here to cook this Type 1 apom with all sorts of fillings (blreagh) like tuna, ham and cheese, meat floss etc etc. The only variety I like is the coconut cooked with brown sugar.

More types of apom coming up…like those cook by the Indians or the Chinese banana pancake and the special one from Beach Street with raisins and banana.

P/S – I have a photo of the apom open wide (to show the peanuts) but trust me, it looks obsence!

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