Apple pie

Being a mom to so many kids of all ages is tough. They get hungry all the time. So, I have to stock my kitchen with a lot of food. Frozen, processed, instant, canned, you name it, I probably have it. Though, ideally I want to prepare fresh foods from fresh ingredients, this is not always the case. I can do that for main meals but not the in-between snacks. Otherwise, I will be sweating the whole day in the kitchen!

I bought a frozen, unbaked apple pie from Tesco. It costs less than RM10, I think.


I baked it at 200 deg. C (wrong temp! should have been 180 deg C) for 40 minutes. It smells good! My toddler couldn’t wait for the pie to cool down and started blowing to make it cool faster.


You can see that the pie is not small, about 6 inches, I think.

Verdict : The crust taste nice, very buttery. But I found the fillings too sour for my liking. So, toddler ate only the crust. However, one kid told me he did not find the fillings sour. Probably, some icecream could have tone down the tartness of the apples. Good point is there isn’t over-powering cinnamon smell, which I loathe! Like the one sold by McDonald’s. I wonder why they discontinued their pineapple pie which I love.

Baking pies is not my forte so I have to depend on these frozen, processed pies.

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