Arp tui mee suah (duck drumstick)

Long time no post recipe. (I know, I still owe papi pohpiah recipe. Malas to type leh, wait hor?) So here is one for homemade arp tui mee suah or duck drumstick vermicelli.

Recipe real easy leh, here goes:
1) Go to Chinese medicine shop and ask them to pack for you the herbs for making arp tui mee suah. Mine cost only RM1.80.

2) Go to supermarket frozen section and buy one packet of frozen duck drumsticks. One packet got 4 pieces of drumsticks, about 500 gm. Cost RM6.90. The ducks are halal, from Perak. If you are afraid of fats, buy the duck meat, only RM3.99 for 500 gm also.


Go home, boil the duck drumstick over very hot water for a while. This will remove some of the oils and will also make the soup clear. Pour water away, wash the meats clean.

Throw the drumsticks and the Chinese herbs into the pot. Put in about 3 bowls of water. Put over low fire and let it simmer for several hours. Like 3 hours. Meantime, go read some blogs, mine one preferably. Don’t get too immersed reading my blog until your pot burnt. Check the water level and when the meat are real soft, as in about to drop off from the bones, season with salt and pepper. Pour some soya sauce for colour too.

Boil mee suah in a separate pot. Mee suah is like beehoon but made from flour. Estimate 2 bundle of mee suah for each person. It cooks very fast so dunking it in hot water for a 2-3 minutes is sufficient. Remove mee suah, place in a bowl and pour the soup over it. Garnish nicely with spring onions and cut red chilies.


It is hard to estimate the quantity of the Chinese herbs so I shall not go into detail. However, the herbs used are:
Wai San, yok chok, tongsum, kei chi, dongguai and red dates.

Wai san = very white, flat piece of bark or something
Yok Chok = slight yellowish cut bark
Tongsum = the root-like herbs
Kei Chi = the small red berries
Dongguai = strong smelling herbs, good for women

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