Beauty of lotus

I found a rather interesting piece written by Sharon Callahan regarding the lotus flower.

This is part of what she had written from the site link I provided above:

By Sharon Callahan

The pure white lotus flower, the only plant to fruit and flower simultaneously, emerges from the depths of the muddy swamp and symbolizes the manifestation of the universal Buddha Nature or Christ Consciousness inherent equally in all life.


Growing from the mud at the bottom of ponds and streams, the exquisite Lotus flower rises above the water and is usually white or pink with 15 or more oval, spreading petals, and a peculiar, flat seedcase at its center.

During Wesak Day, devotees will offer a lotus flowers at the temple. Therefore, it is appropriate that I share some of the photos which were taken by my husband recently. I intentionally chose one photo of a blooming lotus amidst dead leaves and muddy water to illustrate the beauty of this flower.

I also like this shot of a lotus bud which looks so fragile.

Lotus has been my favourite flower and I had written about them previously here and here.

One more lotus flower which I had shared in my personal blog, with my Chinese name (meaning beautiful lotus).

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