Braised peanuts (canned food)


Do you like those boiled peanuts, sold in their shells? (When I get my hands on some, I will blog it.)

Meantime, there is another variety which some Chinese restaurants served as the starters/snacks. I like them. It has been cooked with some spices and soya sauce and therefore, have much more flavour.

Finally, I found a canned variety. Look at the yummy and huge peanuts. After opening the can, I steamed it to heat it up. It doesn’t taste too salty and can be eaten as snacks. However, eaten with white porridge would be a better choice.

A can cost RM1.60. Bought it from those Cantonese dried stuff shop. Probably can be found in the non-halal section in supermarkets as the company, Gulong produces canned meat and etc. Here’s the blur-blur photo of the can.


I know there is nothing ‘Penang’ to this. But hey, I really love these sort of peanuts. So hafta share it.

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