Breadfruit/Buah Sukun

This is another funny looking fruit. The other day when I wrote about the Chempedak, I received comments like :
“Gosh, that looks like something from outerspace”
and another person mistaken it for breadfruit.


I know breadfruit because it was mentioned in the children’s novel Robinson Crusoe or is the the other title where the whole family was shipwrecked and stranded on an island. I can’t remember the title at the moment.

Anyway, after reading about the marvels of breadfruit, I had been fascinated. Because I thought breadfruit taste like bread. But in actual, it taste like some yam.


Over here in Penang, one do find some stalls selling breadfruit fritters. However, I admit that I had never tasted them because I was told that it gives ‘wind’ and cause flatulence.

Therefore, I would appreciate if someone can tell me exactly how breadfruit taste like.

The credit of this photo goes to moo_t. He also blogged about the breadfruit but mistaken it for another fruit which looks exactly the same. You can find the scientific name and all the details from moo_t’s website. Surf around moo_t’s website. He just returned from climbing Mount Kinabalu. Plenty of photos and useful information available. Thanks moo_t for the photo and the information provided!

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