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This shall be my first entry in my own domain. Had been searching for my real reason to have this separate blog. Earlier in Penang Faces, I tried to maintain a less personal approach in my writings and tried keeping it brief. But I am not comfortable being ‘official’ sounding. Whenever I write, I write in the first person approach, like I am talking to someone. And whenever I talk, I have to talk about everything that comes to my mind. I am a person who is full of hands and face gestures, an animated person. So, hopefully, I can inject the same kind of bubbles into this blog

This Penang Faces blog will feature food, sights and everything related to my home cooking, Penang and other places I visited or food I ate. Being a good great cook, it will be a waste if I did not try to note down what I can cook and share it with others. I have no little sisters to teach and no daughters to coach, so let me use this blog to teach any other person who cares to hear.

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