Brush teeth with green tea & wasabi, anyone?

I am not sure if this fits in here but I just hit on the connection and since I have a nice cup of green tea photo, why not?


This is a cup of green tea, which is often serves in Japanese sushi restaurant. And behind the cup of tea, is a plate of wasabi or horseradish. Wasabi is real HOT. The tea is for drinking and the wasabi is a dipping for Japanese foods like sushi, sashimi and etc (just explaining ok? I know everyone knows this.)

Anyway, I like green tea and would make myself a pot at home once in a while. But sometimes, I had it too late in the evening and ended up awake till 4 am in the morning.

So, when I see Green Tea ice-cream, cake, shampoo, body shampoo or just anything Green Tea, I would buy them. Including Green Tea toothpaste by Darlie called Tea Care.

Here it is…


The taste? The green tea flavour is very strong and over-powering the minty flavour. The green jelly like is the green tea, of course. And the white lines are mint paste. Long after you brushed your teeth, you still have that green tea smell stucked to the mouth. Not exactly a pleasant feeling, I would say. But since I bought it, I have to finish the whole tube. And yeah, I had just brushed my teeth because of this photo. I just realised that I am like, brushing my teeth with green tea and wasabi every morning, noon and night. Bleargh… I hope my teeth do not turn green, from yellow.

Then I must get myself a tube of teeth whitening toothpaste! LOL.

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