Bubur kacang hijau

I had been searching for a nice bowl of bubur kacang hijau or mungbean dessert. I couldn’t find any one that suits my taste. They are either too sweet, not creamy enough or the hawker is too dirty looking!

So, I set out to cook my own. Note that it is much easier to buy all the ingredients from supermarkets where they allow you to scoop the desired quantities. This is because you need only very small amount of them.

200 gms green bean
100 gms glutinious rice
1 liter water

1 block gula melaka or palm sugar
100 gms sago pearls (soak in water before cooking)
300-400 mls coconut milk
a few pandan leaves
a pinch of salt

Ideally, you have a the slow cooker to cook this because it is tricky business to slow boil the green beans without getting a burnt pot. Use very, very low fire.

Boil the green bean, glutionious rice, water and gula melaka for several hours. It will cook faster if you have soaked the green beans and glutinous rice overnight. I left the bean, rice and sugar to cook overnight in the slow cooker.

When the beans and rice are soft and mushy, add in coconut milk, sago, pandan and pinch of salt.

Be prepared to give away a big portion to friends and neighbours because even with this little quantity, I still end up with a big pot. Note that the husk of the mungbean may cause a gassy tummy to some people, so don’t overeat! It is fattening too.

*raw ingredients can be found under category ‘Ingredients’*

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