Bulgarians are not for me ‘cos they are too huge and too hard LOL

That’s what I posted on Facebook and the comment drew some laughters. I am talking about Bulgarian foods which I find to be too meaty, too tough and too huge portion.


I went to this newly opened restaurant call Vintage Bulgarian. I love the cosy multi-level restaurant with large slab of stones on the wall. It is just so homely with the chequered table cloth and all. However, the place was a bit packed and I was sitting one level below the kitchen and toilet. The above is the view I get. Being there, it means two things. Some smoker one level above actually put his hand with cigarette out, resting on the rail. The ashes dropped on my hubby’s head because he was sitting below. This spoilt the man of the house mood already. Then, one of the waitress tripped and dropped some plates as she was going into the kitchen. If that’s not distracting enough, the Bulgarian owner almost tripped too. Bad idea to have the kitchen door opened to stair case, huh?


Hubby ordered the pork on skewers. The meat is rather tough and over burnt.


I asked them for a pork dish with the most fats. They recommended pork ribs to me. Again, it is too tough and over grilled. However, what I think they should improve is their presentation. With the meaty pork ribs, they should at least serve some sourish salad. Instead, what they put on the plate, without any arrangements are boiled carrots, cauliflower, broccoli, potato and a bunch of alfafa without any dressing. Therefore, the plate of pork (both hubby and mine) are totally dry with no sauces and nothing to balance out the taste.


My two older sons had the set meal. The main dish is the chicken spindle and it is a little bit like chicken cordon bleu, only much bigger, much tougher and much boring-er. 😛

The set meal consist of an appetiser, the main meal and dessert. The appetiser is a dish call kuypolo or something like that. The price of the dish is RM10. I would not recommend it because it is three pieces of toasted french loaf and a dip that is sourish and leaves a strong onion smell in your breath. The description was roasted eggplant and peppers dip. The eggplant seeds and the strong onion flavour is a bit turn off. Again, the presentation of the appetiser has much to improve because they slapped on three pieces of toast and a simple bowl of greenish stuff on a plate.

I guess I must have watched too much AFC food channel and I have become such a critic! However, it will be good for the Bulgarian owner to relook into their food presentation because it looks like their kitchen is concerned in churning out foods without caring for how it looks.


So, after the main meal, I was hoping the dessert will pacify me to write a much nicer review. However, the bavlava turned out to be a very, very rubbery pastry with overly sweet honey and nothing much to remember.


Meanwhile, my other son complained so much about the crepe. It is two pieces of rubbery and tough crepe with dribble of chocolate. Totally, unimpressive and tasteless. They joked about the crepe which I won’t dare to repeat what they said.

So, yeah, not a place I would recommend. As we were walking out after finishing our dinner, I smelled a very strong stench of fish from the diners outside. Lucky we didn’t order the fish and chips which is part of the set meal.

It is a pity that a nice establishment like this did not work harder to produce tastier morsels. Oh ya, I saw one dish in the appetiser section which sounds interesting. It consists of chicken liver, chicken gizzards and venison tripe. However, it costs RM25, so forget it. I am not going to spend RM25 to eat chicken innards, you know?

The total bill for our dinner is RM135.

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5 thoughts on “Bulgarians are not for me ‘cos they are too huge and too hard LOL


    (October 17, 2008 - 5:19 pm)

    I like to see food reviews which are not only saying GOOD GOOD GOOD but dare to criticise if it’s not really up to your expectation 🙂

    ck lam

    (October 19, 2008 - 10:01 pm)

    I also went to this restaurant but the dishes that I ordered is totally different from yours. I also tried out the plate of chicken liver, chicken gizzards and venison tripe which I find is quite tasty.


    (October 20, 2008 - 7:33 am)

    we must go and take a great look at this restaurant since all the great blogger had a review on them, Lingzie, CK, and Gill Gill…..

    But to spend such amount for rubbery food…… sorry la.. no next time…..


    (October 28, 2008 - 6:55 pm)

    I personally like your review about this place. Other bloggers usually said any food that served on the table are all good, yummy, delicious & etc although the food sucks big time, service is bad, served half cooked meal and over price. I would love to read more honest review rather than misleading review with misleading informations. It’s not up to any of us to give excuse or reasons why the restaurant served half-cooked food or bad service. Food out from the kitchen is the chef’s responsibility. We paid for what we order and it is our rights to get what we paid for which means “value for money”. Sometimes I do suspect some bloggers get paid or free meal for blogging as some informations provided is very misleading and over-rated. A true blogger should stick to your own principle and be a responsible blogger.


    (May 9, 2009 - 3:49 am)

    I thought the boss was pretty rude…the service was average and the food too..overall I would not step into that restaurant again.

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