Care for a salad?


I don’t really fancy making salads because only two of us eat salads. I can never get my kids to eat vegetables so salad is rarely prepared at home. Moreover, sometimes I wasted too much vegetables. You know, buy one head of celery and only finish a few sticks or a head of lettuce and ended up eating half whilst the other half wilted.

So, I find it very convenient to buy the pre-mix salads from the supermarket. It costs between RM6.90-RM7.90 per pack which can serves two. It is so colourful and flavourful too. There are some herbs inside like the basil and some peppery taste vegetable which I think is called the aragula. Moreover, the colourful red, green, white and purplish vegetables is a feast for the eyes.

Usually, I made a basic dressing of mixing only olive oil, a little salt and cracked black pepper.

If I want it to be more filling, I will throw in some feta cheese, eggs, ham, fruits or whatever is available. Or blanch some oyster mushroom and add them in. It is really an individual choice, really.

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