A porky second chance at the Bulgarian restaurant

On Easter evening, I was craving for pork. So, we headed to Ingolf German restaurant but unfortunately, the place was fully reserved. I guess all the Catholics were craving pork at the same time? Hubby who went to park his car earlier had paid for one hour parking fee and the man refused to go […]

A KFC moment

Do you remember one KFC or is it McDonald’s advertisement where this family was driving in a storm and they were looking for food? Well, we had that moment today. A huge storm hit and heavy rain and thunder and lightning were flashing in the sky. It was one mean storm. However, we were hungry […]

Four Seasons Tea House

This Four Seasons is not the Four Seasons which my nephew had his wedding banquet. That Four Seasons in Singapore is a posh hotel while this Four Seasons in Penang is a humble and simple restaurant. I have seen the place for a long time but never bother to find out what they sell because […]

From Kopitiam to kopitiam

We were at Old Town Kopitiam the other day for some toasts and half-boiled eggs. I like the Nanyang something coffee from Old Town. It gives me a high after a cup because it is so thick and kao. So far, I have not been able to find the traditional kopitiam that offers both coffee […]

Local breakfast versus coffee joints breakfast

I took these photos when my family was flying to Sabah. First, we had some scrumptious nasi lemak in Pantai Jerjak as we had plenty of time to kill. I must make a mental note to return to the place and eat the nasi lemak again. I think this basic pacakge probably around RM1.50 to […]