Crispy Chinese roasted pork – Video

I don’t know how I stumbled upon this roast pork video. But oh boy, now I am hankering for some really crispy, crackling Chinese roasted pork. Chinese Crispy Roast Pork – Click here for funny video clips The video is a homemade video and I believe is from Singapore. The guy who made it uses […]

Pasta Carbonara no more

I used to prepare pasta carbonara in large quantities for the children’s gathering. Sometimes, I make enough pasta in cream sauce for 30 to 40 persons. However, now I cannot afford to anymore because the costs is too exhorbitant. I tried substituting the cream with milk but the taste is just not good enough for […]

Lor Mai Kai

My little boy is a 100% pure Chinese boy. He loves rice, Chinese dimsum and even if he has Western foods, he will crave rice. Unlike my older sons, he will gladly opt for rice than pizza. Now, he gets to choose where to eat and what to eat. It is a family thing that […]

How to avoid wine blunders? – Learn from Wine TV Library

Have you ever gagged on your food while you take a sip of wine? I had made those blunders where I mix the wrong wine with the wrong foods and ended up drinking liquid that tastes like chemicals. Such are the quirkiness of wine and that’s why I hate the pretentious world of wine. Wines […]

Bak kut teh, mai bak

“Ai pak lai boh, ai too tor, too boey leh?”
I felt so embarassed. The people there must think I am one crazy Buddhist who got her brains screwed wrongly.