Red Dragonfruit (Pitaya)

I know I had blogged about dragonfruit before. But I can’t resist showing this photo I have just taken of the red flesh version. I bought two bottles of red dragon fruit wine which is Made-In-Malaysia. In Kuala Lumpur, to be exact. The fruits are from Kluang, Johor. I bought them because they are unique. […]

Breadfruit/Buah Sukun

This is another funny looking fruit. The other day when I wrote about the Chempedak, I received comments like : “Gosh, that looks like something from outerspace” and another person mistaken it for breadfruit. I know breadfruit because it was mentioned in the children’s novel Robinson Crusoe or is the the other title where the […]


Question : Is there an English name for chempedak? Nangka is jackfruit so what is chempedak? I think the chempedak is the next stinkiest fruit after the durians. Stinky but nice. You either love it or cannot tolerate it. The chempedak is another seasonal fruit that will make its presence together with the durians, rambutans, […]

Red fruits

Last Sunday, I decided to buy every red fruit I can find at the supermarket. It was just a whimsical, spur-of-the-moment action. Fruits are not very expensive here in Malaysia and they are sold in small quantities in the supermarket. We have fruits from all over the world like Australia, USA, China, South Africa, Thailand […]


the ‘things’ hiding in lychees. So, half of the lychees I bought had been thrown away. *Warning – Do not go to the blog link provided unless you do NOT have a weak stomach.* Anyway, I tried his method of washing lychees and nope, I get nothing.

Dragon fruit & cottage cheese salad

Dragon fruit is probably one of the most exotic looking fruit. It is so colourful in fuchsia and green with white flesh and black seeds. I had never tasted it until today. I thought it is sourish and wasn’t keen to try. I am delighted to find out that it tastes nice. So nice that […]