Fruits, glorious fruits

Caution to all parents : Never let a small child eat rambutan or mangosteen. Both of these fruits are choking hazard. Many children had died as a result of choking on the seeds.


I am waiting for this tropical fruit to be in season. Should be available in a week or two. The above photo is a shot of a rambutan I ‘borrowed’ from the stall. (fruit was imported from Thailand and hence, not very fresh) Let me try to describe rambutan to people who have never seen […]

Ciku (Manilkara zapota L.)

I hope not everyone share my dislike for this tropical fruit. BTW, does anyone know why we call green horns ‘young ciku’?

Mango – Elephant Tusk

Everyone knows what mango is and what mango looks like, I suppose? But not all mangoes look or taste the same. I have here the elephant tusk mango from Thailand. It’s light yellow flesh has a mild sweet taste and very firm. What makes elephant tusk mango different from others is probably the paper thin […]

Exotic tropical fruit – pineapple

Another exotic, tropical country fruit that comes with thorns, hard skin and sharp leaves. I wanted to get a full view of this lovely pineapple but the leaves have sharp and thorns that can make skin itches. Hence, I can’t get too near. Recently, I bought a pineapple from Chiangmai, Thailand at the local supermarket. […]


I just love the nutmeg mace. It is so beautiful and intricate. The mace is the reddish ‘netting’ surrounding the nutmeg seed. Penang is famous for it’s nutmeg. Nutmeg has several use in western and also local cuisine. Some of them are: 1) Nutmeg powder like those prepared by the Western spices brands is good […]