Changing eating patterns for a healthier lifestyle

It is frightening how people are getting sick with diabetes and hypertension. It is like almost every other person I know who is above 45 years old has some sort of health concern. Though we have read a lot about preventing these diseases like more exercise, a healthier diet and less stress, people still succumb […]

Go Natural For A Good Night Sleep

I just read a short article that has been passed around the social media sites about women needing more hours of sleep than men. It says that women become grumpy when they do not have enough sleep. The recommended hours are nine solid hours. I don’t think I can ever achieve that. In fact, if […]

Hungi style of cooking

During the Earth Hour 2010, I was invited to a Hungi style meal. What they did was to bury the meats into a pit and allow the meats to cook underground. The chef is from New Zealand and he told us that the Maoris use this method of cooking. Over there they can even cook […]

Having the right cookware helps

Yesterday, my friend phoned to ask if she can place two cakes side by side in her brand new oven which can takes both cake tins. She was so excited about Christmas and was in the dilemma, not knowing what to do. Earlier, she also phoned me about her new deep fryer. She wasn’t sure […]

My very short but very filling trip

I went to Hatyai, Thailand over the weekend. It was just a one night thing. Yet, I ate so much and seen so much. I was eating like very few hours because there are so many foods to sample. My sons and I first went to McDonald’s to try out their Samurai Burger. It is […]