Home brew coffee

I have plenty of time nowadays to waste. In the mornings, I sometime wander around aimlessly after I dropped my little boy at the kindie. By then, it is too hot for any walk in the park so exercise is out of the question. The only thing left to do is to visit the wet […]

Of pork, soy products and nutrasilver

I have been on vegetarian meals for over two weeks now and experienced some weird body changes. One of them is the longer period. Chinese will say eating vegetables only is ‘cooling’ to the body and hence, bleeding takes longer to heal. That’s why new mothers are not allowed to take vegetables during their post-partum […]

Whoa….I have been too busy

I just notice that I have not log on to this blog for a long time already. In fact, there are so many questions left in the comment box and I don’t have time to go through every single questions. Life has been really hectic just before Chinese New Year and then, it drags on […]

I think I will make a good caterer

I haven’t post much these few weeks because I was so busy with Chinese Lunar New Year preparations. I have just finished cooking a dinner for about 20 people. I love cooking for big groups and wish I have a bigger kitchen and professional cookware to get the meals done faster. My siblings and I […]

Preparing the home for the Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is an important festival in my family as I was previously a Taoist/Buddhist who placed strong emphasis on doing everything right to bring good luck. However, I am not that superstitous anymore after I turned to Christianity. Still, it is good to have a good spring cleaning, throwing out old and broken […]

Christmas without the frills

At this time of the year, I would be up to my nose with things to do. Turkey to roast, main meals to prepare, house to clean and many other things. But the flu bug has completedly knocked me off and all I did in these past two days are lying in bed, nursing a […]