The Healthy Fellow suggested hot drinks for colds

I have been running a chills, a bad cough that makes me feel like my lungs are going to be ripped apart and painful limbs. I walk around like an old lady because my soles hurt, by knees need readjustment before I can walk fast enough. With the chills, I also have a fever. Popping […]

I need a vacation!

I was shivering with chills and my body was aching all over. It is my own undoing because I slept very little, climbed a lot of hills, walked on the beach under the hot noon day sun and did almost every tourist activities non-stop. So, I ended up with a bad flu, headache and limbs […]

Building our own house

I just got home from an island holiday and am in love with nature, the symphony of cicadas and the long stretch of flat land with green paddy fields. The paddy fields look like soft, green carpet and when the wind blows, they sway gently. I joked with hubby that we must buy a piece […]


I am not sure why but so many companies are promoting their products using the festive season. I actually wanted to change this blog theme to a Christmas blog theme but am too lazy to copy the codes over. Anyway, there is not many Christmas recipes on this blog so I might as well forget […]

Hope to have a fruitful food trip

I was a bit caught up lately due to classes, volunteer work and rushing all my online things. I need to clear all my work and studies because I am leaving for KL this Friday. However, it has been a little bit worrying earlier because all my children want to come along with us. Usually, […]

Signs of time

I read the news the other day and one of our main local bank is urging car owners to remortgage their cars. By doing that, it means they will have to pay even more interest to service their loans. I do not like this kind of idea as it can leads one into debt. However, […]