Nice supper place with Penang hawker foods

I cannot remember when I blogged about this place. However, it is my regular place to have dinner and sometimes supper. So, let’s do it again. This is the hawker place at the junction of Caunter Hall road and that little road where Han Chiang primary school is. The place is famous for it wantan […]

Sabah Koay Chiap and Koloh Mee

I was in Sabah last week and hence, the lack of update. I notice that most of their eating places have huge signs that say, “serves no pork”. So, most of the places we had our dinner have no pork dishes. We ate seafood most of the time except for this one morning when we […]

Loh Bak hawker in action

I love this corner coffeeshop at Jalan Sri Bahari and Penang Road. It is always packed during lunch time because of the chicken rice, loh bak and other hawker foods which are very good. The coffeeshop is call Kheng Pin and is opposite the Oriental Hotel. They are open only for lunch. If you around […]

Tapau vs eat-in hawker foods

In Penang, we have every kind of exotic stuffs never seen before in other states. There are tiny stalls and pushcarts at every corner. In fact, you can find a hawker within 1KM radius, at the most. So, we hardly need to order McDonald’s or Pizza Hut takeaway because of this. However, what are some […]

Stuffed fish

This looks pretty easy to do but I have not attempt making it myself because I am afraid of exploding fish. LOL. It is basically, a piece of fish fillet stuffed with ham and cheese, coated with breadcrumbs and deep fried. My son loves this stuffed fish from Fettes Park Western food. It is delicious […]