Penang chee cheong fun

When you are feeling peckish and do not really want a full meal, what do you order? Or when you have taken one bowl of noodle and it is not exactly filling enough, what do you need? Chee Cheong Fun of course! Chee Cheong = pig’s intestine Fun = Noodle But don’t worry, it is […]

Bitter gourd with salted duck eggs

I had this dish from Teik Seng and it is delicious. Though I have not tried cooking it, I think I can roughly guessed how it is done. I will try it out soon but meantime, here’s a pic and my estimated recipe: Ingredients : Bitter gourd – seeds removed, slice thinly and rub with […]

Mee Juta

I didn’t get a photo of this Mee Juta but I have to tell you it is good. It is good naked. Naked as in no garnishing, no meats, no char siew. Only a little gravy and spring onion plus its sourish chillies and chopped garlic. The noodle is handmade with eggs and the texture […]

Har Lok

Long time ago, Har Lok is like the only type of prawn dishes you can order from restaurants. But lately, the name no longer appears. I am not sure why but we are into butter prawns, cheese prawns and all sort of western names. So, the other day when I was in Melaka, I notice […]