Kedai Kopi Min Jiang, Air Itam Road

I am going to pimp this coffee shop a bit because they have foods that are unique. The coffee shop is on the same block with Tan Chong showroom. Check out the place if you haven’t cos it is this little, unassuming coffee shop actually sells very yummy tomyam and grilled fish. I am currently […]

Duck’s web barbequed = Chinese delicacies

It is rather rare to find a hawker selling barbequed meats buns by the roadside nowadays. Not many people like to stand there, fanning the charcoal fire to barbeque the Chinese barbequed meat and chicken and duck innards. But it is such a nice snack. The barbequed meat will be sandwiched in soft, steamed buns […]

Air Itam Laksa – try it!

I haven’t eaten this laksa for like 20+ years because laksa is not one of my favourite. Funny but I just don’t fancy laksa as much as most women do. So, last week, I decided to give it a try and now, I must make an announcement to all the dear readers of Food Haven. […]

Curry Mee – Perfect breakfast

Normally on weekends, my toddler doesn’t wake up that early. So, I don’t get to go out for yamcha, dimsum and the likes. However, my hubby is an early bird and will be out of the home either to the wet markets or hawker stalls. This will be my treat as weekend breakfast. On weekdays, […]

Koay Teow Th’ng – their differences

You know, being Penangites, we have many versions of the same old noodles. So, let’s take a look at how many versions of koay teow th’ng we have in Penang. Koay teow is the white, flat noodles made from rice flour. In the photo, the yellow one is the wheat flour noodle call yellow mee. […]