Some myths about lotus roots

However, do you know that those who worship Quan Yin are forbidden to take lotus root? Well, previously when I was a Taoist, (I am now a Catholic convert), the lady medium often reminded me when she was in trance as Kuan Yin never to cook lotus roots in my kitchen. Kuan Yin aka lady in trance also told me not to eat beef and cat fish.

Getting the perfect roast

(roast turkey for Christmas) Getting the perfect roast chicken done at home is actually not a huge task if we have the right equipment. In fact, I love to roast chicken, duck, turkey or leg of lamb because it is very easy to prepare. With the right seasonings, you will get an elegant main dish […]

St. Anne’s Feast, Bukit Mertajam, Penang

I am a Catholic and we honour St. Anne as Jesus’s grandma. We will ask St. Anne’s to pray for us and expressed our problems, hearts’ desires or wishes and hope St. Anne will help us to bring them to Jesus. Well, to put it simply, St. Anne is our middleperson. We do not pray to her.

Is my body rejecting meats?

I completed my vegetarian fasting last Thursday. I binged on lobsters, steaks and lots of porky stuffs after that on Easter. I have been pigging out because some of the large prawns and pig’s maws plus loh bak which were my Chinese New Year foods supplies are not getting any fresher. My children don’t eat […]