Make people drools with your food photography

If you notice, my site is loaded with a lot of photos of the foods I write or featured. I think that is one of the main reason that this site still receives good traffic and followers. Well, the photos are not just mere, click, snap and publish. I have to take some care to […]

Orange piggies

My blog buddy did some really funny looking pigs with mandarin oranges. Mandarin oranges are only available during Chinese New Year and are imported from China and Taiwan. I am not a fan of oranges but I must say that it is terribly fun to combine the orange skins to make pigs. The new Chinese […]

Home information pack solution

*This is a sponsored post* It is interesting to learn about other countries’ rules and regulations and be enlightened. I just learnt that in UK, one needs to have a home information pack (hip) if one intends to sell their property. They are making it compulsory for all sellers of residential property in England and […]

Meme : 5 things you don’t know about (my cooking)

I have seen this meme floating around the blogsphere for a while and finally, PabloPablo of Hochiak! passed to me. It is a nice change from talking about foods to talking about what goes on secretly in my kitchen. So, let’s take a peek: 1. The evil MSG! I grew up with MSG. Mom would […]

A little dimsum and a disclosure

This blog is several years old. At one point, I dropped it and never touch it for several months. As a result, it suffers a drop in traffic and pagerank. Pagerank is like how much a blog is worth. This blog used to have 5/10 pagerank and 10/10 was the ultimate one. Recently, I started […]