Organic food made easy with organic home delivery

A lot of people like the idea of going organic but dislike the trouble of going to the nearest store for the freshest ingredients. Not many places have the convenience of organic food stores and hence, one may have to drive several extra miles just to find one. Good thing that they now have organic […]

Chinese red radish

This is the first time I saw this vegetable. The label stated China Red Carrot. I thought it must have texture like carrots and pink in colour like the skin. However, it turned to be radish and not carrot. Oh well, in Hokkien, we call carrots, ang chai thau (red carrot) and radish, pek chai […]

Chinese wine – Mei Kwei Lu/Mei Kuei Lu

I tried to fine out more information about this mei kwei lu Chinese wine but can’t dig out much.  It is a very fragrant wine which is suitable for meats and is an important flavourings for making bak kua or barbeque pork. My sister-in-law used this mei kwei lu to season the mince pork and […]

Anyone knows how to cook this?

I read about this dunnowhatisname rice cake on‘s the other day.  I can’t find the post at the moment but it sounds like some fried koay kark method of frying. So, out of curiousity, I bought a packet yesterday.  When I got home, I found that I need to soak the thing for 12 […]