Shao Hsing Hua Tiao Chiew

Heh, you musn’t call yourself a Chinese unless you have a bottle of this in the kitchen. Previously, I used to get all confused and cold feet whenever I see this mouthful of name ‘Shao Hsing Hua Tiao Chiew’ in Chinese recipes. But, hah! this bottle of rice wine is less than RM10. Use it […]


I just love this! Fat, huge, spongy eggplants that I bought from the supermarket. It is labelled Japanese eggplant. This is the first time I bought them and therefore, couldn’t resist taking photos from all angles. However, a check on the internet at The Cook’s Thesaurus confirmed that this is not the Japanese version but […]

Terung pipit dan nangka muda

Terung pipit I have not seen this tiny brinjal for a long time and was surprised to see them being sold in Tesco supermarket. It is called Terung Pipit or directly translated into English as sparrow brinjal. The size is slightly larger than green peas. When I was small, my mother used to ask me […]

Rock sugar, barley and beancurd skin

These are the ingredients for making the very cooling and nice sweet dessert. Barley pearls are believed to be cooling. The Chinese would boil barley with rock sugar and sometimes add dried, sweetened winter melon sticks to make a cooling drink. This is the beancurd skin or fu chok. It is meant to make dessert. […]

Barbeque (western sauces)

The other day we had a small barbeque up in Cameron Highlands. We had bought the stove on a previous trip to Cameron Highlands. If I remember correctly, the stove was only RM20. Compact and light, minus the fuss of those with many parts to screw. Usually, to get nice barbeque, there are only two […]

Chinese herbs – Part Two

I found that it is very hard to find photos of Chinese herbs with their common names in English. For a person like me who doesn’t read Mandarin, it is a disadvantage. So, I am archieving whatever Chinese herbs I am using on this blog. I had blogged about a few types of Chinese herbs […]