A porky second chance at the Bulgarian restaurant

On Easter evening, I was craving for pork. So, we headed to Ingolf German restaurant but unfortunately, the place was fully reserved. I guess all the Catholics were craving pork at the same time? Hubby who went to park his car earlier had paid for one hour parking fee and the man refused to go […]

Barbee Burger – Minced pork burger

It started as a kitchen experiment by my eldest son and soon, it becomes a favourite amongst my kids. They have wondered what pork burger tastes like because we do not get them at McDonald’s Malaysia. I heard they serve pork in McDonald’s Thailand? I know Singapore and Hongkong also do not serve pork at […]

The roasted pig and the roasted lamb

I really do not know how to put a title to this. However, I wish to put up the photos of these two poor animals which were slaughtered and grilled. Yummy….. There was an alumni dinner consisting of 250 people and they requested for a whole grilled lamb. Then, another roasted pig was thrown in […]

Crispy Chinese roasted pork – Video

I don’t know how I stumbled upon this roast pork video. But oh boy, now I am hankering for some really crispy, crackling Chinese roasted pork. Chinese Crispy Roast Pork – Click here for funny video clips The video is a homemade video and I believe is from Singapore. The guy who made it uses […]