Guilty pleasure : Braised fatty, pork belly

I went to the market the other day and the butcher has this nice piece of three layers pork belly. I asked him to cut it into a nice square as I wanted to make something like what I had in Dragon-I. So, what I had in mind is just a plain and mild flavoured […]

Pork ribs noodle

Pork ribs noodle is a quick dish I made for dinner when I am too lazy to cook the regular three dishes and pot of rice meals. I got a bunch of these lovely soft bone pork ribs which are not too fat and yet, not too lean and tough. The recipe is easy : […]

Recipe : Stewed pork belly – Tauyew Bak

**Someone asked me for this recipe and it was so hard to find the post. So, let me bump this up because it is one of those delicious dishes that every Chinese homes ought to know how to cook. Tauyew Bak or stew belly pork in soya sauce is a family tradition handed down from […]

Recipe : Sweet and sour pork ribs

The best pork ribs are those with a single bone, wrapped with meat and slightly fatty. Usually these sort of ribs are more expensive. The other type is the soft bones ribs. I normally have a supply of pork ribs in my fridge because it is so easy to make delicious dishes with them as […]