The many colours of a building

The British colonised Penang after the World World II. They brought with them all the architectures that have stayed as a legacy. If you have been to Singapore and Hongkong, you may noticed that Malaysia, Singapore and Hongkong have identical police stations, clock towers, railway stations and many other things like the huge trees and […]

Old buildings

This house caught my attention the other day when we passed by one of the tiny streets in Penang. Every piece of the wall and floor tiles look so beautiful. Unfortunately, not many owners of such heritage buildings know how to appreciate the uniqueness. Many have demolised them for development. I wish the State Governent […]

Gurney Drive – night scenes

Recently, our Penang State Government put up a lot of lights along the waterfront. Whether it is beautiful or not, I shall leave it to the individual’s opinion. I had written about Gurney Drive previously. But with the new lights, I am putting up some photos again. McDonalds Fast Food Restaurant glowing in the dark. […]

Gurney Plaza

In Penang, there seems to be only one shopping mall to hang around. Gurney Plaza. Where all the branded goods are and where all the beautiful people hang. It has all most of the bigger names eating outlets. Well, at least to Penang. Starbucks, CoffeeBeans, Dome, Fish & Co, Sushi King, Secret Recipe….the usual chains […]

Children playground and some safety tips

Part one about the Metropolitan park in Relau, Penang can be found here. As a parent to so many boisterous kids, I often look out for places where they can spend those energies, healthily and safely. The best is a place where I can take photos, lots of it. A park with playground is the […]

Metropolitan Park, Relau

Taman Metropolitan Relau – The name is a mouthful. The signboard along the way is so small most people would have missed it. It is located in the rural area of Penang. I have only heard of it vaguely. However, we were pleasantly surprised to find a nice park complete with jogging track, children’s playground […]