Pulau Banding

Pulau Banding is a small island located along the East-West Highway. Located in the state of Perak, it offers very beautiful lake view, fishing, bird watching and other nature related activities. During my trip to Perhentian Island in January, I captured these two photographs. The first one is my trip to Perhentian Island. It was […]

Hu Yew Seah – building

I took this photo at dusk, when the sun has almost set. This photo has not been photoshop or altered in any way. The building original colour is white and hence, it comes out as a sepia photo. Note the KOMTAR building at the back? This is the Hu Yew Seah building along Jalan Madras. […]

Moongate – gateway to Penang Hill

This moongate is located along the road to The Botanical Gardens. One can take a hike up the Penang Hill from here. I had only hiked once, when I was in my teens. *blush, blush* I am not the athletic type, ok? Not my cup of tea. I took this photo because I love the […]

Little India

It is almost hard to describe what a walk through Little India in Penang is like. One has to be there to experience the smell, sound, colour and the people. You can smell incense wafting through the air, spices too. Loud music blasting. Colours from the sarees and Punjabi suits, shops selling colourful bangles, flowers […]

Lorong Kulit – flea market

Lorong Kulit is known to most Penangites as the place for cheap things. However, I had never been there because it is always very jammed packed with vehicles and huge crowds. Today is the first time I go to the place because my children have their school sport at the Penang Stadium. Nothing impress me […]

Hidden cove of Sungai Batu, Teluk Kumbar

The road leading to the place is lined with white picket fences, colourful flowers, neat little kampung houses and friendly children. It is almost an unknown place except for the locals. Located in Sungai Batu, Teluk Kumbar is a stretch of beach with white sandy beaches and casuarina trees. There are no road signs. We […]