Holiday freebies

Recently, I bought a new gadget. The piece of thing costs about $5K and you know what they wanted to give me as freebie? A return airticket to a destination nearby. I refused to take the ticket because it will means buying five other tickets for my children and husband. So, they compensate me in […]

Travel insurance for elderly folks

A few years back, one of my sister-in-law was warded in a hospital in China because she got a bad viral infection. In fact, the whole trip saw her in the hospital with her two sisters taking care of her. Next month, they are going to UK again. All three of them are pretty elderly, […]

Stunning pics of our landmarks – KLCC

I decided to upload some old photographs to my Flickr site today. It is a pity that I have so many photos and yet, never show them. They ended up on my external hard drive, collecting webs. So, let me share some of the photos of KLCC which either my hubby took or I took. […]

In a little village call Balik Pulau

Ok, ok, before the people from Balik Pulau throw stones at me for calling it a little village, I better correct my title. Balik Pulau is not exactly a tiny village but a small town at the other side of the Penang island. However, a lot of us do not often travel to Balik Pulau. […]

Where to find cheap BUT nice hotels in Penang?

Someone asked me for recommendations for budget hotels in Penang and I am stumped. I thought that Sunway and Cititel will be decent enough but apparently, their rates are RM195 per room which is beyond the budget. Frankly, it is awfully expensive if you ask me. I get a nice, big deluxe room in Cititel […]

Hives of activities in Penang

The school holiday is here once again. So, now is the best time to come to my little island. Firstly, the seasonal fruits are in abundance. Durians are available now so make a trip here if you are a durian lover. Then the International Flora show is running for a week at the Botanical Gardens, […]