Catered food/food in a tiffin

Delicious looking curry chicken. It smells great and is what curry chicken should taste like. But, it comes with my catered food. Which of course, is not something many people get in their tiffins.

Many people who are too busy to cook, do not know how or just plain lazy (like me) have our dishes delivered to our doorstep every day. Sort of like the milk delivery men in overseas. A tiffin is a steel container which is stacked on top of each other.

I catered my lunch from my cousin who is a great cook, better than me. So, it is beareable to eat her cooking. Whilst most catered food are so, so horrible you don’t even want to open the tiffin. Even with my own cousin’s food, I will still ta pau (pack them in plastic bag) them up, freeze the meals and give them to my part-time helper.

But for RM170 a month, with food enough to feed 3 persons, I continue taking the catered food. Because my cousin gives me the biggest portion and best parts of the chicken.

For today, I have curry chicken which has gone into the freezer, jiu hoo char which I had eaten as a meal on its own (minus rice) and some cheapo fried fishes.

Anyone interested in my cousin’s cooking? She delivers around the Farlim/Air Itam/Rifle Range/Kampung Baru area.

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