Charcoal fire steamboat in Cameron Highlands

Never, ever eat lunch in open spaces in Cameron Highlands if you do not want to accidentally eat some flies. Hmm…it is crunchy, full of protein and I am sure full of flavour too.

Ok, seriously, it is fun to have steamboat in cold climate. Look at the funnel. How tall it is? It is made that way to make sure that the charcoal sparks which contains pieces of dark charcoal do not get into your soup.

We went to this place which is perch on a watercress farm. Watercress like its name suggests, grow in water so you can imagine how great to see these little green leaves sprouting out from ponds.

It was way past noon and we were at the Kea Farm which is higher than Brinchang. This place, Water Crest Valley is very near our hotel, Equatorial Cameron Highlands so we decided to stopover for lunch and ordered the steamboat.

You are free to choose what you like because all the foodstuffs are individually packed and prices range from RM3 to RM10 for large prawns. The soup (plus stove lah) is chargeable at RM15.

Nice seating arrangements. This is much better than those packed-to-brim restaurants in Brinchang. Actually, I never eat steamboat in Brinchang so I can’t tell if this place is better or lousier. For the environment, I would choose this anytime.

Fun thing is – everything is self-service. Except lighting up the fire, of course. You take whatever food you want from the counter, collect your plates and chillie sauce (nice one) and self-serve.

The slope with watercress growing. You may want to ask the boss if you can go down and pluck your own vegetables.

As for the foods, I got no time to take anymore photos because by the time the steamboat was boiling, flies swarm us. My citykids freaked out but then, this is how Cameron is, so don’t sweat over that too much. None of us get any stomach upset and flies aren’t stupid enough to fly straight into boiling soups, you know?

I have a lot more photos of Cameron Highlands in my Flickr album.

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6 thoughts on “Charcoal fire steamboat in Cameron Highlands


    (June 3, 2006 - 6:41 pm)

    saw this`place but din stop by


    (June 4, 2006 - 3:42 am)

    Yeah, why does Camerons have so many flies? Is it due to the “baja” they use for the flowers, fruits and veges? However it’s not as bad as Bahau – that place is scary with their “fly traps” all over the village.


    (October 4, 2007 - 3:37 pm)

    THe reason is pretty simple, Cameron Highlands rubbish dumping site is too near to all the populated areas. At the same time, to be frank with you, all the business owners in Cameron Highlands never really take good care of hygiene conditions at their premises and around the premises, especially the pasar malam area. Plus the weather in Camern Highlands is cool, humid, wet and sometimes foggy, this make the flies situation worse.


    (October 4, 2007 - 3:38 pm)

    If you don’t believe, go to most of the F&B premises in Cameron Highlands (especially the coffee shop or hawker stall type), see how’s their hygiene rating at the premises. Usually is only B and below. And quite a few of them are even C. My god, I can’t believe it!


    (May 7, 2009 - 7:29 pm)

    For the flies issue that you are discussing, I have the real picture behind all this. As you know, Cameron Highlands is the main vegetables & flowers cultivation area. You would be enjoying the scenery of the vegetable plating. However, do you know that the vegetable planting usually require chiecken manure to fertile the soil. If they do not do this their crops will not looks healthy, so back to consumer, they will reject their produce. When they stock up these chicken manure, it is a good place for flies to breed. This make the problem have no end. If you will like to enjoy the breeze of Cameron Highlands, I think you should accept the culture here… with alots of flies.

    Enjoy your trip..
    Those flies will not cause alot of problem, just go to those stall have quite a number of visitor. Avoid going to stall with less visitor.


    (December 12, 2009 - 1:10 am)

    We were cheated but the owner who told us on how we are to be charged BUT when paying the bill, we were told different story.

    For 3 person steamboat, normal food, we were charged RM105!!! crazy

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