I am without a software to resize my photos. Don’t ask me how this happen. *cough,cough,coughigotexpiredtrialversionofcs2* Hope to sort them out soon.

I had been taking some photos of nice places and food but without a software to resize my photos to 500pixel photos, I can’t upload them. All my photos are in high resolution and 2240 pixels. Each taking up 1.5MB! My flick free account does not provide the space.

The above photo is a huge cheezel. I had resized this photo for a while and found it in my computer.

It is a snack that has been available for many, many years. If I am not wrong, it is probably one of the earliest snack foods found in Malaysia. The others are Twisties and Double Decker.

Cheezel is cheese puff. Very crunchy and smells of cheese, what else? I wonder if anyone remembers the TV advertisement?

Sorry, blogging will resume normally when I meet up with Uncle Ho.

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