Children playground and some safety tips

Part one about the Metropolitan park in Relau, Penang can be found here.

As a parent to so many boisterous kids, I often look out for places where they can spend those energies, healthily and safely. The best is a place where I can take photos, lots of it. A park with playground is the most ideal place. No flowers nor butterflies escape my camera. Hahaha.


It is a welcoming sight when I stepped into the Taman Metropolitan in Relau. Swings, children slides, see-saw and other kiddies stuffs are just the thing to keep my kids occupied.


Usually, my older kids will watch after the youngest one while I am hovering around the area, taking photos of course.


What I like about the playground is the nice carpet grass in the surrounding area. It is lush green and looks well taken care off. This is much better than the Penang Youth Park. My kids can’t kick up dusts and red earth.


RB – Is that your former place at the background? And while you are here, can you give the direction to the place? Is the road Jalan Relau or Jalan Paya Terubong? Piggy asked about this place and I don’t think I can describe it because I am not sure of the road’s name.

Some playground tips for parents:
1. Do not go to the playground if the place is too deserted. You never know who may lurk around.
2. Always use an eagle eye to scan through all the equipments. Sometimes there are broken parts and sharp edges.
3. Do not leave your children unattended. Ropes, chains and etc are causes of strangulation. Maids have been known to get engrossed chit-chatting amongst themselves to pay careful attention. Educate them.
4. Teach your toddlers from young about safety. Never go near a swing that is occupied. Stay away from see-saw.
5. While it is good to watch out for the kids, leave them ample space to explore on their own.
6. Do not provide negative inputs like ‘you are going to fall, you will fall’ etc. Instead, provide clear instructions like ‘remember to hold tight, be sure of your footing’.
7. Should your child hurt himself, don’t make a big fuss out of it. Otherwise, he may end up fearing the place. Coolly and calmly treat the wounds/bleeding and don’t blame the place. Minor accidents are to be expected throughout childhood.
8. Learn some basic first aids. I had seen a mother whose son’s elbow got dislocated when he fell off the monkey bars and she dragged him all over KLCC park in panic. Poor kid. Read my article in Parenting, The Star.
9. Make an effort to sign up for basic first aid and CPR course. Join my parenting forum and find out when is the next batch of the course. It is a community service organised by MyMomsBest and an absolutely non-for-profit course.
10. Most of all, enjoy the growing up years.

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