Chinese herbal soup

Rodney asked for a photo of some Chinese herbs used in brewing soup. Here are 6 ingredients, used to cook ‘luk mei thong’ or six flavoured soup.

I am not sure of the name of one of the ingredient. I think it is called split barley. The other two are dried longan and dried lotus seeds.

These are wai san, yoke chok and pak hup or lily buds (or bulb, not very sure leh)

Actually, I bought this from the Chinese shop, all for RM2.50. It is a lot easier to go to a Chinese shop and just tell them what kind of soup you want. Whether it is a ‘cooling’, ‘heaty’, for women or men, cough, beautiful skin etc etc or just mild soup. Then, they will give you a packet with all the right ingredients, in the right portion.

For the above, I just boil them with a litre of water and some meat. Flavoured with a bit salt. And the satisfaction is…….
A toddler who drank the soup, bowl bottoms up.

**I tried googling for some websites showing the ingredients and names but unfortunately, cannot find any good one. What surprised me is one website promotes Chinese herbs comprehensively but…..hear this – they sell Viagra. LOL!

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