Chinese Opera – Part 3/3

Part One – Some background info
Part Two – Some stories

This is the last part about the Chinese opera. It is about the expression and acting skills of these actors and actresses.

It is good to remember that these people who perform in the opera endure some hardship. They travel in a troupe from state to state. Usually, they stay in hammocks hanging down from under the stage and other basic living conditions.


I feel that our Tourism Malaysia ought to appreciate these performers as they really are a very unique group. If we separate the religious reasons from their performance, we can see that they are indeed skilled individuals.


Usually, their stage performances are paid by the donations from the people living in a particular area. During the Hungry Ghost Festival, some committee members of the temples will go from door to door to ask for donations.


So, I hope one day the Tourism Ministry of Malaysia will glamourise this Chinese Opera and make it a tourist attraction instead of just limiting it to appeasing deities and hungry ghosts. If it comes with nicely printed background storyline, some subtitles or even perform in a language that can be understood by the majority, we will have a tourists hit! Get it performed in air-condition hall with proper seating and it will be a piece of art.

In the foreground are my two children, age 2 yrs and 8 yrs old. They are entranced by the opera. I hope more people will be too. See the expressions above and you know that this is not a child’s play but serious acting.

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