Chinese opera – Part Two

Part One was about some basic background of the Chinese opera.

For Part Two, let me introduce some main actors and actress in each Chinese Opera. Usually, the Chinese opera has some very interesting storyline based on the Chinese folklore. Many of these stage shows are very emotional and audiences have been known to weep openly as they watched.

As with all Chinese stories, it usually revolves around the emperor, some high ranking judges, poor peasants, filial children and etc.


The above are the pretty lasses who are maids to the main star. They will do some dance routine which is very graceful. You will note that Chinese opera has very elaborate costumes with breath-taking sparkling sequins and chiffon cloths. All these costumes are imported from China, if I am not mistaken.


This lady, I assume is the main lady in the opera. With a dress like that, probably she is a bride. As with all melodramtic shows, there is usually some love triangle story or poor girl/rich boy dilemma.


This man must be the main actor. Note the hat he is wearing? And also the yellow robe? This indicates royalty. Yellow is the imperial colour in olden China. Did you see a white nose? I was told that all the men who are lusty have white colour nose in the Chinese opera.

When I was small, my mom would often referred to lusty men as ‘pek phi ko’ which is white nose pig.

As I don’t have the faintest idea what the story line is nor understand a single word, I am only guessing, ok? Anyway, I was there more to take photos than to watch the opera.


This is my favourite actor in Chinese opera. The black face, bearded rough voice judge. One has to listen to his voice to appreciate the command he draw. I actually have a video of him singing. Whoever took up the part of acting the black face or sometimes, red face judge must have a very rough, coarse, loud and stern voice. (Think Rod Stewart?)

More interesting tid-bits coming in part three.

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