Curry Fish Head

A good curry fish head is hard to come by. A home-cooked version seldom provides the kick because one needs lots of ingredients to make a decent pot of curry fish head. And by the time, you put in every necessary ingredients, you will end up with huge pot of curry that you will not enjoy anymore, unless you have very big family.

So, ended up having to comb the island for great curry fish head. I don’t think I can think of any that will make me return for more and more. Off hand, I can think off are
1) The Malay stall at Jones Road. No joke man, this nasi Melayu stall has appeared on Discovery Travel on Astro. Will write about them in detail the next time I eat there.
2) The most recent place I ate curry fish head is at the restaurant call Jiangnan Ren Jia or something like that.

Both of these shops have curry that is semi-lemak, with a tinge of sourish taste. The kind where one can drink spoonful after spoonful of the curry kuah. Drink first, shart later.

Some curry are damn messy when they have bits and pieces of the bunga kantan and serai pieces as in gulai tumis. I hate those. Above photo is some curry fish head from Rifle Range. Nothing extra ordinary but I hope to get some people drooling, nevertheless.

My favourite part of the fish head is the eyes and the slimy lips of the fish. This taste best when eaten at home. Put one leg up on the chair, get the soya sauce ready and dig in with bare hands. Suck, suck on the eye, ptuiiii out the hard, white ball of the eye and it’s socket. And yeah, the fish brains. Yum…

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