Dragon-i, Queensbay Mall, Penang

I have been to Dragon-i in MidValley when they first opened and did not have a very pleasant trip there due to the large crowd and the untrained wait staffs. Because of that incident, I never patronise Dragon-i again whenever I make a trip to KL.


Recently, they open a branch in Queensbay Mall, Penang and I decide to give them a second chance. Surprisingly, the wait staffs here in Penang are extremely attentive, fast and accomodating. They receive a thumb up. The place is crowded but the service was fast. I was there early so I did not have to wait.


I love the cosy corner with these low sofas and lots of cushions. Since it is very new, the cushions are all cushy and great for hugging. But I wonder what condition they will be like in a month? Hmmm..so, go to Dragon-i faster and enjoy it now.


A trip to Dragon-i is incomplete without a bowl of la mein or hand pulled noodles. I like it plain. A bowl costs RM8 and I can taste the flavours of Chinese ham in it. In case you have not seen a Chinese ham, it is this huge, dried and preserved whole pork’s leg. The pork leg is VERY HUGE and sold for several hundreds RM. A little bit like prosciutto. It is very nice when make into stock but unfortunately, they don’t sell the Chinese ham in small portions. The only choice I get is the canned ones which go for about RM20+ from specialised shops. The size of the tin is like the luncheon meat. Very expensive but it is worth it if you know how to make delicious stock.


If you have not been to Dragon-i, well, it is a cosy place. There are lots of small dishes to sample and plenty of spicy foods too, if you prefer something hot. The above is a plate of thick slabs of duck’s meat, crispy crunchy soya skin, honey glazed lotus seeds and not in the picture steam pancake. It is meant to wrap the duck’s meat and the other stuffs. Quite an enjoyable dish. Both my husband and I plus one four years old kid had a meal for about RM100. So, it is not exactly cheap but it is not cut throat expensive either.

And ladies and gentlemen, this is NOT a sponsored post. The waitresses were all very polite and attentive and hence, they deserve a mention on this blog.

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6 thoughts on “Dragon-i, Queensbay Mall, Penang

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    […] Burp! (the first two are hawker foods, the last two from Food Haven review of Dragon-i, Queensbay Mall) […]


    (May 28, 2007 - 2:51 am)

    I’d been to the 1-Utama branch…the service ok wor….super a lot of people…one of the waitress offered to cut the noodle for me and I din ask for that. They also used a small device thingy to call the waitress. You can press it to request for water, tea or bill.lolz…Their food so so nia lor…

    RM100+ o_0 wah……Oh yeah reminded me that they charged RM2 for a tiny plate of braised peanuts and RM1 for a packet of wet tissue! Fuyoh

    Giddy Tiger

    (May 29, 2007 - 1:33 pm)

    I saw the LONG queue outside last Sunday. They even have chairs for people to sit and wait outside to be seated!

    Cindy Chin

    (May 29, 2007 - 9:49 pm)

    I’ve tried the Dragon-i in The Curve, find their Shanghai Seow Loong Pau is better than others.

    Giddy Tigers » Eye of the Dragon

    (June 3, 2007 - 12:13 am)

    […] my 3 girlfriends and I decided to check the place out.  A couple of days before, I had read a review that claimed the service was impeccable.  Expecting to be served like queens, we arrived shortly […]

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