Duck rice

I couldn’t resist taking the photo of these yummy looking ducks. So, I decided to talk about duck rice eventhough I found the subject a little dull. Over here in Penang, when one ran out of ideas on what to eat, we usually opted for chicken and duck rice. It is sort of the equivalent of burger in the west, I would say. The staple food for people who have no idea what to choose.

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This duck rice stall is located in New Lane. As a rule of thumb, if you want great duck rice, find one hawker who doesn’t sell chicken as well. It is like a duck specialist who specialise only in ducks. Once a hawker sell chicken and ducks together, he/she probably will not have same touch.

Duck is usually served with white rice, some special soya-sauce with preserved beans (taucheo), special chillies and ‘lor nui’, ie eggs cooked in soya sauce. It is a bit different from chicken rice.

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Then, again, there are many varieties of how a duck is prepared. Peking duck, roasted or stewed (lor ark). This photo is a roasted duck. Leftovers of this duck can be cooked into delicious kiam chye boay. Sometimes, I buy the boney part of the ducks from the vendor for very cheap price (e.g. RM1) for this purpose. Penang people are very trifty. We can cook delicious foods from everything.

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