Durian Kueh

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I can’t seem to find a flattering angle to display the fantastic taste and aroma of this once a year delicacy. So, I pressed the gooey, black, glob of durian cake into thinner layer and try to capture the sunlight streaming through. I hope the final result is mouth-watering.

Making durian cake is a painstaking process. My late parents-in-law used to make them for sale. They will buy basketfuls of imperfect durians and peel off the flesh. Then, using a big, brass wok, they will stir the mixture of durian pulp with sugar. It takes hours and non-stop stirring to make the durian mixture turned brown and ideally, almost black. My father-in-law will add a few durians seed into the mxiture while cooking because the seeds are supposed to make the durian cake oilier and shinier.

I detested peeling those durians pulp because you never know what will peek out and say hello! (worms!!!!) It is a messy job but I am glad people are still making durian cake. Otherwise, I can’t enjoy this sticky, chewy, sweet and sinful cake every year. One roll is about 300gm, costing RM12 (I think). Durian cake like this is handmade and taste far better than those factory made. I love durians and everything and do not mind getting sick eating them. Worth the pain. (hahaha, in fact, I am going to see a doctor later for some antibiotics because I have a cough for almost 2 weeks)

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