Eating places

I often receive emails asking me to list the best place to eat. Unfortunately, I sometimes get too many emails and never got around to reply each one individually.

As I have two food blogs, i.e. Food Haven (most Penang foods and non-halal recipes) and this blog, Best Recipes, it is almost hard for me to point out all the places.

Therefore, my best suggestion is to use the search box and type in some keywords like the kind of food you like and you will get a list of the places.

However, these are the few places that you can easily access and sample most of the hawker foods. Not everything is great but they are edible. My tip is to check out what most people are eating there and order the same thing.

1) Night hawkers along New Lane. New Lane is where Sunway Hotel is, off Jalan Macalister.

2) The New World Park hawker centre in Jalan Bawasah, off Jalan Burmah. It is open during noon till late noon.

3) Along Gurney Drive. Most locals will not eat there but still, the atmosphere is there so worth a walk.

4) Kimberly Street/Cintra Street – There are many old Chinese restaurants and hawker places along this area so just take a drive and find where the crowds are.

5) Little India – You can get Indian foods plus all those quiant spice and saree shops

So, folks, please use the search box and type the name of the foods you fancy because I have over 1,000 posts so it is almost impossible for me to list them all.

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