Egg sandwich

Egg sandwich

One of my kids’ favourite is egg sandwich. However, I am wary of buying them off the shelf as eggs and mayonaise tend to spoil very fast. So, I prefer to make my own egg spread, fresh.

Like Mrs. T said, easy-peasy:

Egg sandwich spread
2 eggs, hard boiled (method to boil egg here)
Peel and chop. Buy those egg cutter gadget and one can chop egg easily. Kids love to slice the eggs with the egg cutter. It is made up of only some steel strings, not knives.

Two tablespoons of mayonaise (Lady’s Choice brand has ‘local’ taste)
Some salt and pepper

A dash of Lea & Perrins sauce
A teaspoon of Dijon mustard

Mix the sauce with the eggs. Make the sandwich.

Kids love it when you make the sandwiches in different shapes. Though it takes extra time, it is worth it when they wolved down the triangle, rectangle and square shapes sandwiches.

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