Exotic tropical fruit – pineapple

Another exotic, tropical country fruit that comes with thorns, hard skin and sharp leaves. I wanted to get a full view of this lovely pineapple but the leaves have sharp and thorns that can make skin itches. Hence, I can’t get too near.


Recently, I bought a pineapple from Chiangmai, Thailand at the local supermarket. It is the best pineapple I have ever tasted. Of course, it is rather expensive but I wouldn’t mind paying if I can get my hands on more. Unfortunately, they don’t import anymore. Local pineapple costs only RM1.50 but this one cost about RM9. It is a small fruit, yielding only about 6 pieces after cutting.

Look at the marbled flesh and the juice oozing. Yum….

Old wives’ tales advice against eating pineapple during mensuration and pregnancy. True or not? I would say a few small bites will not hurt but eating too much may cause stomach cramps.

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