Favourite drink – hot cocoa


Everyone has a favourite drink. Though I MUST drink coffee everyday, it is not exactly a favourite drink.

Since I was small, I had read a lot about hot chocolate. Fairy tales and Enid Blyton kind of stories featured hot chocolate. Hence, I have this cosy feeling when drinking hot chocolate. Especially on rainy days.

What I normally do is to mix one teaspoon of cocoa powder (either Van Houten or Hershey’s brand), one teaspoon of instant coffee granules and sweeten with condensed milk to make a cup of steaming hot drink. It tastes so yummy.

The above cup is from WinterWarmers, a chain of shops found in bigger cities in Malaysia selling tea. My son ordered this cup of hot chocolate which cost RM7.50. (so expensive, no?) They put some whipped cream, melted chocolate, marshmallow and some sprinkles of coloured rice on top of the hot chocolate. It looks beautiful but taste so-so.

Hot chocolate or cocoa on a cold, rainy night tastes so comforting. I am sure if I have the chance to be in a temperate country during winter, I would doubly love hot chocolate!

Tell me your favourite drink, coffee not counted.

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